Seed Bank Comparisons Chart

Company Name Packaging? Company History Price + Shipping Overview
Emergency Seed Bank Triple Layer Mylar - Resealable seed bank Seeds Come from Growers all over US, Established 25+ years $139 - 35,000
$229 - 70,000
PPC- .27 cents
23 Varieties
Good Value, Good Variety, Great Package Great Service
Stockpile Seeds Triple Layer Mylar Resealable Bags, Non Resealable Seed Bank 5 Seeds come from Reputable Seed Company. Over 20 years old $129 - 30,000
$125 - 60,000
PPC .19 cents
20 Varieties
Great Value, Good Variety, Good Package Good Service
Nitro Pac
Triple Layer Mylar - Non Reseable Seed Bank Sells Survival Gear - Well established - often out of stock on seeds Seed Count Not Published
16 Varieties
Ok Value,
Low Variety, Good Package Good Service
Survivalist Seeds Paper/plastic bags, Non Resealable Seed Bank Big John, runs a Radio Show, and a MotorCycle Shop. $159 - 10,000
PPC 2.0 Cents
25 varieties
Ok Value, Very Good Variety, Good Service
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Emergency Seed Bank

posted by: admin

Price: $139 Includes Airtight, Waterproof Seed Bank,

Quantity: 35,000 - 37,000 seeds

Seed Packaging: Triple Layer Mylar, Resealable Bags. Waterproof and Airtight Metal Ammo Can, can be opened and re-sealed.

Variety: 23 Varieties, 20 Vegetable Types, 2 Types of Winter Squash, Year Round, any Zone Growing Plants.

Shelf Life: USDA Rated to 4 Years at 75 deg. Seed life can be doubled by dropping 6 deg in temp.

Customer Service: Knowledgeable, answer phones,

There are a bunch of different seed bank companies gaining traction right now, this one is one of my favorite though, for a few reasons, there price is comparable, to the others and they advertise on many of the same sites. What sets them apart is there seeds are specifically designed for an emergency growing season, and there seed bank is more useful than the PVC type, that need a saw to be opened. I like the idea of being able to plant, grow, harvest, and re-store my seeds all in the same container. Plus, there customer service is excellent, even goign so far as to rush an extra seed bank out to guarantee delivery before christmas. Both showed up on time. Here is a you-tube video of their seeds.

Emergency Seed Bank


Stockpile Seed Bank

posted by: admin

Price: $129 Metal #10 Can,

Quantity: 30,000 seeds

Seed Packaging: Triple Layer Mylar, Resealable Bags. Hermetically Sealed in #10 Can, Great for Long LONG term storage

Variety: 20 Varieties, Any Zone Planting,

Shelf Life: Store in a cool dark place, and it will last Decades.

Customer Service: Great, Answered Questions, and offered immediate assistance.

Stockpile Seed Bank Another Offering By Emergency Seeds Inc, the Stockpile Seed Bank, hits a lower price point than any of the others, but still delivers exceptional value. One of the main differences between this seed bank and some of the others, is the fact that the seeds are sealed into a #10 can, instead of a Re-Openable Ammo Can, or a PVC Tube. In my mind, this is both a good thing, and a bit of an annoyance. Because the seeds are sealed you know they won't be messed with, and will be in perfect condition when they get opened, and are ready to be used. What I don't like though is it means, I can't see what I bought. I just got a can, and while I have opened one to verify the contents, I had to use a can opener. The contents we of course in great condition, with the Gold Standard Triply Layer Mylar Packaging. If you are considering this option, I suggest buying two, where you get 60,000 seeds for $125. It is by far the best Seed Price Value, even if not my favorite packaging. :)

Survivalist Seeds

posted by: admin

Price: $159 + $10 Seed Bank + $10 Shipping Total: $139

Quantity: 7,000 Seeds

Seed Packaging: Plastic Bags, Paper Bags. Non Re-useable PVC Tube.

Variety: 23 Varieties, 16 Vegetable Types

Shelf Life: Claims 100 Years, probably 2-3 years as currently packed

Customer Service: Knowledgeable, answer phones,

Much like the other “Seed Bank” companies out there, Survivalist Seeds has a similar offering of Heirloom or Open Pollinated, Non-Hybrid Vegetable seeds. Big John includes a lot more beans, which brings his seed weight up high, but his seed count is still low by comparison. (kinda embarrasing :P)

Big John, has a scary site, that isn’t for those whole love government or are on any FBI watchlists. He sells his seeds based on fear, and scary stories, but unlike some of the other companies out there. I get the impression that he really believes and lives what he is saying, so even if I think he is a nutter, I give him props for integrity. At only $139 bucks his seed bank comes in't a deal maker or breaker and also comes with classy PVC packaging. I love the thought of my seeds being nestled safe and sound in plumbing supplies.

Unlike the others however, Big John’s Seeds are only packed in Plastic baggies or paper envelopes. In the long term this is a bad solution. In order to freeze these seeds for the longest life, they will need to be put into a glass jar, or some other container.
Least number of seeds, but the most adaptable of the bunch




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