What's with all these Non Hybrid Seed Banks?

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Ok, So what is the deal with all these seed banks that are being advertised on Glenn Beck, Infowars, Rense, Michael Savage, and other Radio Hosts Sites? Is the world going to end, and if it does, what good is a seed bank going to be?

While I will try to give you an un-biased (I have my favorite, but you can guess which one it is) comparison of all the different seed banks being offered. I know I haven't included all of them but, I have tried. If you want to see a seed bank reviewed, just send me an e-mail and I will do my best to have a look at it. If you want to see why this is so important to me click the About Link.


What Matters Most?

With all the options out there, here are the things that I think matter the most. In decending order.

First are the seeds Non Hybrid, Non GMO? This matters because Non Hybrid Seeds may or may not re-produce there own seeds, and many Non GMO seeds carry "terminator" genes which effectivly sterilize the off-spring.

Second, what types of seeds are these? Were they selected for long, or short growing seasons, and are they proven Heirloom Varieties.

Third, how are these seeds packaged? Are they in paper, or plastic, can the bags be re-sealed, is the "seed bank" able to be opened and closed depending if you actually want to plant your seeds. Do they print the germenation rates on the seed packs (proving they are fresh seeds).

Fourth, where do these seeds come from? Are the companies selling them, known for customer service, knowledge, experience?

Fifth, Price. How much is it going to cost to get this seed bank to your door. Who cares what the price is before shipping, and all the other fee's. How much will your credit card be charged!

Sixth, Weight. I don't think weight matters, what matters is how many viable plants can a seed bank produce, the "heaviest" seed bank, also contains the least number of seeds of all the ones reviewed. Keep that in mind.


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